Dubai Series: Desert Safari Adventure

Hello Lovelies,

Today, I will be reviewing my trip to the desert safari in Dubai.

One of the places on my list to visit in Dubai was desert safari. I had heard so much about dune bashing  (rollercoaster ride through the sand) So I decided to go try it out.

I booked a trip with a tour bus and was told where I will be picked from the following day.

I took a train to my pickup location and waited for the bus. When the bus arrived, I paid for my trip before getting on the bus.

We picked up other people from different locations then headed out to Oman (desert safari) it was a 2 hours drive.

When we got off the tour bus. We entered a Land Cruiser. I was puzzled on what was going on (we didn’t know our dune bashing adventure had started). We were driven round the desert with high-speed. It was scary. We will go on high sand hills then come down with speed. Then climb again. Some people were screaming, crying and laughing. It was terrifying.

When we got off the jeep. I took some minutes to slow down my beating heart. Then got on a camel. It was a slow and short ride. I was scared the camel will gallop off but it did not. I had a lovely camel ride.

Then I spotted a henna artist and went to get henna on my hands. I got a beautiful design with glitters. You can read my desert safari henna experience here.

I found a section to play dress up. So I dressed up as a Arab woman and took pictures.

There were other vendors. I bought roasted sweet corn. It was too too sweet. I also bought a beautiful scarf because the weather was cold.

Another section had free snacks, hot tea, drinks being served. I got some to eat.

We all took our seats and waited for the show to begin. Some dancers performed, magicians performed tricks and other acts performed on the stage.

After the show, we all queued for free buffet meals. It was delicious. Then we all got back on our buses and were dropped off at our pickup location.

My whole desert safari experience was fun and I had alot of first. It was a beautiful day well spent. Dubai is the best in hospitality and they know to give a good show.

Have you ever been to the desert safari? Please share your experience.

Uke’s Reveal Today : Desert safari in Dubai

Rating: *****