Sweet Potato pottage (Asaro style)


Hello Lovelies,

I saw this recipe online by Chef Eros and I decided to try it. I have eaten pottage made with plantain or yam but never with potato. So I was eager to try it with potato to see how it will taste. Here are the steps I followed:

Ingredients: Maggi Naija Pot, palm oil,onions, sweet potato, ugwu, tomato, cray fish, pepper, water, pepper and chicken (optional)

  • In a pan, heat up 4 tablespoon of palm oil. Add blended tomato and pepper. allow to fry.
  • Add chopped onions.
  • Season with 4 Maggi cubes.
  • Add Cray fish then add water in the pot. Then allow to boil.
  • Add peeled potato chunk in small sizes to the pot. Then allow to cook. Add chicken. Allow to cook. Then add chopped ugwu.
  • Viola the food is ready!

This meal is very quick and can be served as breakfast, lunch or dinner.

I love the new Maggi Naija pot. It is perfect for pottage and soups. It  amplifies the authentic Nigerian essence of food. It gives the bottom-pot taste that Nigerians love.

I realized that I even prefer potato pottage to pottage made with yam or plantain. Ofcourse, I will make this recipe again. Thanks to Chef Eros for the recipe.

I have videos on my instagram on my process in making the meal. Also, Chef Eros has a video on his page too. Check it out!


Have you ever cooked Potato Pottage? Comment below and share how you make yours.


Uke’s Reveal Today :  Potato Pottage

Rating: *****



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