Askdamz sneakers launch

Hello Lovelies,

Today, I will  be reviewing  Askdamz sneakers launch event which was on the 16th of July at Nakenohs boulevard in Ikoyi.

Askdamz is a premium weight-loss consulting company to take your weight where it needs to be.

The CEO Damola Ladejobi has expanded her business from fitness tips, meal plans to sneakers.😀

The launch was a fun and relaxing event with a lot of games. There were vendors at the event like Nellies, Maychills, Twelve03 meals, Wild juice, Farahs hair and beauty, Veritas caterers amongst others.

The sneakers were sold at discount price at the launch. Active by Askdamz are for small and big feet. The sneakers can be worn to different occasions depending on the outfit.  The sneakers are very comfortable.

It was an interesting day and a perfect way to spend a sunday. Kudos to the Askdamz team.

Uke’s Reveal Today : Active by Askdamz 


Rating: *****





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