Makari Series: Extreme Carrot and Argan Oil Glycerin



Hello Lovelies,

Today, I will be reviewing my favourite beauty product Extreme Carrot and Argan Oil Glycerin.

I have been using it for a while and I love the changes on my skin.

At some point in my life, years back, I never used body products (lotions, creams or even oils). This was because the part of Nigeria I lived in has very hot weather and applying body products after bathing caused me extra heat.

However, to my surprise, l find the Makari Extreme Glycerin quite soothing and very moisturizing. It glides on smoothly and doesn’t leave any greasiness. My skin feels silky, smooth and soft after application.

For me to be reviewing this means it must be exceptionally good for my skin.

What I love most about Extreme Carrot and Argan Oil Glycerin is that it leaves my skin moisturized, soft and radiant. I use it daily, sometimes in the morning but mostly at night.

Ingredient listing:
Glycerin, Propylene Glycol, Aqua (Water), Mulberry (Morus Alba) Root Extract, Glycyrrhiza Glabra (Licorice) Extract, Organiclarine, PEG-Hydrogenated Caster Oil, Arbutin, Daucus Carota Savita (Carrot) Seed Oil, Trideceth-9, Parfum (Fragance), Ascorbic Acid, Sodium Ascorbyl, Phosphate, Retinyl Palmitate, Benzophenone-4, Vitamin E, Glycolic Acid, Phenoxyrthanol, Sodium Lactate, Allantoin, Argan Oil, Sodium Metabisulfite, Di-Sodium EDTA, Benzyl Alcohol, Benzil Benzoate, Citronellol, Coumarin, Hydroxycitronellal, Butylphenyl Methylpropional, Benzyl Cinnamate, Limonene, Hexyl Cinnamal, Alpha-Isomethyl Ionone, Linalool, Fugenol, Farneso

I have dry skin and it moisturizes my skin perfectly. I love the texture and feel on my skin. It has evened out my skin tone. I have found my staple beauty product.

Have you tried any Makari product? Please share your experience below.

Uke’s Reveal Today :  Extreme Carrot And Argan Oil Glycerin


Rating: *****


Bailey’s Bake Fest


Hello Lovelies,

Today, I will be reviewing the Bailey’s bake fest which held on the 26th of June 2017 at Muri  Okunola Park.

The Baileys Bake Fest is an exhibition and sales event aimed at introducing treat lovers to an exciting and delicious world of Baileys infused treats that cuts across confectionary and cocktails!

The event had a bake-off between chefs and celebrities. Each team of two consists of a celebrity and baker.

Team Blue: Nigeria’s top Designer, Mai Atafo was paired with FimiSade.

Team Green: Nigeria’s Award winning actor , Alex Ekubo was paired with Tolu.

Team Yellow:  Nigeria’s Award winning actress, Funke Akindele Bello was paired with Segun.

Team Red: Nigeria’s Award winning singer, Waje was paired with Oluwayemisi

The Judges were Chef Eros (Ceo of Cookiejar), Chef Alex Oke (Ceo xo boutique bakery), Ife Monye (Ify’s kitchen) and Chef Lara Rawa (Ceo eventi cocktails).

The amazing host for the events were Chuey Chu (Tv host and mc) and Lolo (award-winning radio and tv host).

The bake-off had 3 cooking sessions in which the teams had to add Bailey to whatever they were making.

The first round they all made desserts. The Judges and a few independent tasters from the audience tasted what each team made. Then, the judges chose the winner from each round.

Team Red won the first round. Their cake had banana, coconut, cream and strawberry. The balance of flavours was awesome.  I tasted their cake and I loved it.

The second round they all made Cocktails. Team green won (Alex Ekubo and Tolu) . Their Cocktail had Kuli Kuli in it. It had a Nigerian twist to it.

The overall winner was team Green. They won prices from Beko. They brought their A game. They were original and creative.

Also, there were food vendors, (Sweet kiwi, Cookiejar, Holocrunch, Donutsncrumbs, limehouse etc) games , photo booths, henna painting, a bar for free Baileys drinks, a place you could get your drawings done at the event.

At the end, there was a cocktail competition for the best cocktail.

It was a fun-filled park. It was a perfect way to spend the sallah holiday.

A day of “Baileys infused everything” from cakes to pastries to ice cream and cocktails. An event that will linger in my mind for a long time.

Where you at the Bailey’s bake fest? Which team were you supporting? Please comment below.


Uke’s Reveal Today :  Baileys Bake Fest

Rating: *****


57 Club


Hello Lovelies,

Recently, I and a few friends went for a house party. The night was still early so we decided not to call it a night yet. We all decided to go clubbing at 57 club in Ikoyi.

It was not easy to locate because our Uber driver was new in Nigeria and was using google map. Google map can be really helpful but that night it wasnt (story for another day).

When we got there bouncers checked our hand bags. We were let in. The downstairs room was empty (no one was in there). We decided to try the top room. The top room was full. There was no free table or chair.

We decided to stay up since that is where all the fun was going on. We found a spot to stand. (the room was too crowded). Another problem was the DJ was dulling us. I looked around people were dancing but not as it should be.

The only people having fun were the people in the DJ booth.  I was more than bored. My friends & I just wanted to leave.  We stayed for 2 hours and when it wasnt better. We decided to change clubs.

We ended up just going home because the DJ had killed our vibes. I will surely like to go the 57 Club when another DJ is on the deck.

Have you ever been to 57 Club? Comment below and share your experience.


Uke’s Reveal Today :  57 Club

Rating: **

My second henna application

Hello Lovelies,

Yesterday, I got my second henna application at the Bailey’s bake fest at Muri Okunola  park. It was a fun event.

I spotted a queue of people at the corner of the park and went to find out what was going on there.

I was a bit sceptically about getting it done because I reacted to the first one I did. Finally, I decided to try it. So I waited for my turn.

I showed the henna artist (Tara) a picture of  what I wanted and she nailed it. It turned out better than the picture. Surprisingly, after the application it didn’t itch me. Infact, I was waiting for the reaction. But it didn’t happen. 😀

Now, I am on a mission to find out what was in the mixture of first henna application I did and reacted too. You can read my my first henna experience here

Trying to keep my hand out of water so it will last for long (not sure how it works😀)

If you know what I can do to make my henna last longer please comment below.


Uke’s Reveal Today :  Henna by Tara

Rating: *****

Tea tree oil tooth paste


Hello Divas,

Today, I will be letting you all know why DYNAPHARM TEA TREE OIL toothpaste is my number 1❤.

Ingredients: natural tea tree oil, calcium phosphate.

It cleans your mouth thoroughly. It helps to kill germs. It prevents bad breath and mouth Ulcer. It gives you a refreshing taste after brushing. It prevents plaque. It has anti fungal and anti bacterial effects. It makes your teeth stronger and whiter.

Infact, It makes the whole brushing process enjoyable😀

Have you used tea tree oil toothpaste? Comment below and share your experience.

Uke’s Reveal Today :  DYNAPHARM TEA TREE OIL toothpaste

Rating: *****


Birthday dinner at Red chinese restaurant (Eko hotel)


Hello Lovelies,

Recently, I was invited for a birthday dinner Red chinese restaurant at Eko hotel . The first thing that came to my head was the place will be expensive.

I checked online for their menus and reviews of the place. All the reviews I found online said the prices were overrated.

Two hours to the time of the party I decided to go and celebrate with my friend and let my hair down. I dressed up and headed out for the venue.

I was quite early but I was shown the table the celebrant booked. So I sat and waited for the other guests to arrive. I asked for the wifi password to browse and the waiter got a code and brought to me (excellent service).

When all the guests arrived they shared their menu for us to pick from. We opted to share platters. We ordered for spaghetti, different kinds of rice, meat, chicken, sauces, vegetables, prawn crackers, samosa, water, and spring roll ( I can’t remember the exact meals names). I ordered for Chapman while some other guests got cocktails.

At the end of the meal the celebrant paid for the foods and we all paid for our individual drinks.  I paid 1600 naira for my Chapman.

The waiters were friendly. At the end of the meal, four waiters brought out COOKIEJAR  birthday cake and sang happy birthday for the celebrant. They put off the restaurant light and had fireworks on the cake. All eyes were on our table (so cool).

Though the food was a bit pricey but it was worth it. The food was very delicious. The waiters were friendly, helpful and sweet. We had a good time there. We had lots of fun and laughter. We took alot of pictures and I made new friends.

Uke’s Reveal Today :  Red Chinese Restaurant

Rating: *****




Movie Review: Isoken




Hello Lovelies,

Yesterday, I decided to treat myself to a movie. I picked ISOKEN to watch and I was not disappointed. Some scenes in the movie, I had to struggle to hear because the movie had everyone in the hall laughing and talking (yes, it was that good)❤ A movie I will watch more than once. I will never get tired of watching this movie over and over again.

Everyone in the Osayande family worries about Isoken. Although she has what appears to have a perfect life – beautiful, successful and surrounded by great family and friends – Isoken is still unmarried at 34 which, in a culture obsessed with married, is serious cause for concern. Things come to a head at her youngest sister’s wedding when her overbearing mother thrusts her into an orchestrated matchmaking with the ultimate Edo man, Osaze. Osaze is handsome, successful and from a good family, making him perfect Nigerian husband material. But in an unexpected turn of events, Isoken meets Kevin who she finds herself falling in love with and he just might be what she truly wants in a partner. The only problem is, not only is he not an Edo man, he is Oyinbo (Caucasian). Isoken is a romantic dramedy that explores cultural expectations, racial stereotypes and the bonds that unite families in touching, dramatic and comedic ways.

This is a relevant story that has been told about the pressure of marriages in our society. From not marrying at a certain age, to being match made and not getting pregnant after marriage. Isoken  movie shows us how marrying for the wrong reasons can cause you unfulfillment, unhappiness and bitterness.

I love Isoken the movie. It is entertaining, educative and romantic movie. Definitely an award-winning movie.

I was glad Isoken (Dakore Akande) chose her relationship with Kevin (Marc Rhys) because with him she was herself and on the long run it will last.

Kudos to the cast of this movie. They all came to slay their roles. The soundtrack of the movie was the bomb.

I cried when Isoken (Dakore Akande) stood up to her mum finally at the end of the movie. (Best part of the movie😀)

My outstanding characters in the movie are Isoken’s mum (Tina Mba), Isoken’s friend (Funke Akindele), Isoken’s aunty (Edward Rita), Isoken’s brother (Abayomi Alvin) and Isoken’s staff (Akah Nnani)

My favourite character in the movie is Kevin ( Marc Rhys).

What are you waiting for? Get to the nearest cinema to watch this movie. You will love it.


Have you watched Isoken? Comment below and share your experience.

Uke’s Reveal Today :  Isoken

Rating: *****