Forever living: Clean 9 review


Hello Lovelies,

Today, I will be reviewing Forever Living C9 products. I got the pack for seventeen thousand naira [N17,000]. I am sure it will be more expensive with the dollar rate now.

C9 is an organic food formula program of 9 days detox, for cleansing and nourishment at the cellular level, enabling the body to naturally and properly restore optimal wellness and rejuvenation.

The pack contains 2 bottles for aloe vera juice [for detoxification], forever lite ultra shake [meal replacement shake to curb hunger], forever garcina plus [aids breakdown of fat], forever therm [boost energy level] and forever fibre [for optimal digestion].

I weighed and measured myself before starting the program to enable me know how much weight I lost at the end of the program.

You are given a guide to follow for the duration of 9 days.  The first and second days are the hardest because you eat nothing. I had severe headache and was craving food  but from the third day I got used to the detox program. It is very hard to exercise during this detox because you will be very weak. Well, I am talking from my own experience.

From day 3-9  you get to have a 600 calorie meal!  I measured myself daily to know my progress.

At the end of the program, I lost 4kg and 5 inches from my waist and hips. I would have lost more but I was not exercising. I felt very light and well at the end of the program. Going back to my normal eating habit was sad.

Below are the steps I followed during the program.
 Day 1 & 2

Take 2 soft gels of Garcinia with water
30 minutes of exercise
4oz of Aloe Vera Gel
Plus 1 tab. Forever Therm
one tablet of Forever Therm

PS: Drink 8oz of water hourly. 
This is breakfast.

Mid morning Snack
One sachet of Forever Fiber in a glass of room temperature water


Repeat morning programme without exercise which means:
2 Garcinia with water
After 30 minutes,
4oz of Aloe Vera Gel &
one tablet of Therm

Repeat afternoon programme
No Therm

Day 3-9
Repeat same steps but take 1 scoopful of Forever Lite mixed with water or fruit juice when hungry, ONLY if you feel hungry and ALWAYS take Forever Therm before taking Forever lite meal shake.

The products are really good. Imagine if I exercised while taking the products I would have lost so much weight.

Uke’s Reveal Today :  Forever Living C9 products

Rating: *****


Movie Review : Me before you


I watched me before you some months ago and I was so sad at the turn out of the movie.

Recently, I saw it listed as one of the saddest movies of 2016. I wish I had seen that before watching it. I would have prepared my mind to know what to expect .

Lou (Emilia Clarke), a girl in a small town forms an unlikely bond with a recently paralyzed man called William [Sam Claflin]. Who she is taking care of. A budding friendship and romance develops. The movie depicts William’s life as worthwhile and precious. It is William’s own judgment that his life cannot go on as it is, and that he would prefer to die. With regard to this, the movie does tend to downplay the pain and suffering that William experiences. Instead it focuses on the good times and precious moments he spends with Lou. 

The movie left me in tears and depressed the next day. The worst part is, I watched it at night so it was difficult to sleep off afterwards.

Recently, I found out the film was made from  a novel by Jojo Moyes. The second part of the book called after you  is out. Hopefully it will give us closure from the pain and unanswered questions from part one.

This is definitely an award-winning film. Brilliant performance from the cast.

Have you watched Me before you? Please comment below..

Uke’s Reveal Today :  Me before you movie

Writer: Jojo Moyes

Rating: *****

Uke’s Adventure: Boat ride to twin island

Hello Lovelies,

One beautiful Sunday morning, I decided to go to Marina Resort. My sister and cousin were the perfect companions. We decided to do something different instead of our usual movie watching at the Filmhouse cinema in Marina Resort.

We decided to go on a boat ride to TWIN ISLAND. It was 1500 naira each. When  we got there we waited for the boat to fill up. The boat had music playing some people were singing along, others dancing. We had a very lively crew on board. We also had a tour guide who gave us all life jackets to wear.

Mary Slessor was a Scottish missionary who served in Africa. Mary Slessor was the missionary who stopped the killing of twins in Calabar. Years ago, twins were not accepted in Calabar. Twins were killed once they were born.  We were told Mary Slessor used to hide twins on the island to safe them from being killed hence the name of the island.

It was about 10 minutes ride to the island. We were told we could also go to Tinapa through that route.  We all got off the boat to look around the island . The bar there was closed. On the island, people normally host parties and other events.

We saw a small crocodile on the Island. Some people touched and took pictures of the Crocodile.

After the tour, we all got back on the boat.  Hope you will visit the island whenever you are in Calabar.

Uke’s Reveal Today : Twin Island 

Rating: ***