Dubai Series : Henna Tattoo

Hello  Lovelies,

During my holiday in Dubai, I visited Desert Safari and got henna on my hands . I will do a post soon about my whole Desert Safari trip. I have always wanted to paint henna. I think this was the best opportunity to try it.

After applying henna paste, you are meant to allow it dry so it can last longer on your hand. [For longevity of henna colour, less washing of the body part where henna is applied and less use of soap.]

After 30 minutes of the application of henna paste, my hand started itching me badly so I had to wash it off. I ended up with faint henna tattoo that lasted for three days .

I don’t know what caused the itch but I will definitely try henna on my hand again.

Have you ever tried Henna? Please share your experience.

Uke’s Reveal Today : Henna Tattoo

Rating: ***


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