Cookie Jar #Kingslayer Brownie Review

Hello Lovelies,

Recently I won a  Brownie from Cookie Jar Bakery when I played their instagram game. Ofcourse, I went to redeem my gift when I had the chance [wink].

Their store was very easy to locate which is a big plus for me.

On getting to there, I was greeted by their  very warm staff who immediately attended to me.

The Staff confirmed my win and handed me my brownie [yay!] On seeing the brownie, I must confess I wanted to eat it all at once.  It was so mouth-watering, rich and chocolaty.

On taking my  first bite, I loved it .It was delicious, chewy, fudgy with a dense and moist texture. I enjoyed eating it. I can’t wait to try their other pastries.

More importantly, their store is very cozy and  comfortable. I wanted to stay forever.

Cheers to CookieJar team. Keep up the good work.

Uke’s Reveal for Today : CookieJar Kingslayer Brownie


Rating: *****


Dubai Series : Henna Tattoo

Hello  Lovelies,

During my holiday in Dubai, I visited Desert Safari and got henna on my hands . I will do a post soon about my whole Desert Safari trip. I have always wanted to paint henna. I think this was the best opportunity to try it.

After applying henna paste, you are meant to allow it dry so it can last longer on your hand. [For longevity of henna colour, less washing of the body part where henna is applied and less use of soap.]

After 30 minutes of the application of henna paste, my hand started itching me badly so I had to wash it off. I ended up with faint henna tattoo that lasted for three days .

I don’t know what caused the itch but I will definitely try henna on my hand again.

Have you ever tried Henna? Please share your experience.

Uke’s Reveal Today : Henna Tattoo

Rating: ***

Dubai Series : A perfect way to end the year



Hello Lovelies,

The year is ending , I guess that is why I  have been reminiscing about one of the best days of my life.

On the 31st of December 2015, I arrived in Dubai. While I was walking to get my luggage a young Arab Man approached me and told me I won a free boat cruise from Dhow Cruise which was valid for a week  . I was surprised and excited. Since I had nothing  planned to do, I decided to go that  night.

Of course, some other Nigerians that won all said it was a scam. My agent told me not to go but I am happy I didn’t listen to them. I called the number provided to book the cruise for that evening at 9pm.

My sisters and I were there at 8pm. One of my sisters had to pay 150 dirhams for the cruise because she didn’t  win a free cruise.

The boat was double-decked. We stayed on the upper deck. We had buffet, magicians performed, dancers performed and there was dancing competition between the Indians on the boat and Nigerians  [yes I represented Nigerians. lol]. The cruise was for 2 hours. I had the best time.

It was a perfect way to start a holiday and end the year 2015.

Right now, I am imagining myself having dinner on  Dhow Cruise with the fascinating lights of Dubai creek with Music and Tanura Dance show with a sip of my favourite drink and buffet dinner. Please take me back .

Uke’s Reveal Today : Dhow Cruise

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Rating : *****